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Pick up & delivery service available in local areas for all those in Southern California.

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8001 Somerset Blvd Ste. #1
Paramount, CA 90723

Ultimate Quality Bumpers & Wheels provide customers with over 15 years of service quality experience. Our experts give ultimate quality bumpers and wheels the ability to repair almost any of your damaged parts and help you complete your restoration projects, Whether you are looking to repair or re-chrome your wheels or bumpers, chrome out your motorcycle or restore a classic car or truck. We have built an outstanding reputation for quality service and you can be assured that we will achieve the best possible finish on your parts, Our goal is to provide fast service and quality, and it shows in the superior finished products we provide.

You can be sure that we won’t lose any of your parts, all parts are photographed upon arrival or pick up. Ultimate Quality Bumpers & Wheels prides themselves in avoiding the problem of lost parts and unhappy customers, if certain parts are needed by a specific date we will certainly do our best to meet their deadline. Some items may take a little longer than originally quoted but we will always advise you of any delays, you can be confident your parts will be repaired to highest quality.

We understand that our customers deserve the best product available and job that will last. At Ultimate Quality Bumpers & Wheels we are committed to providing our customers with a professional, high quality workmanship and customer service. We guarantee special care in our preparation process to assure you receive the ultimate quality you deserve.